Our Products covers the installation of tow bars, vehicle alarms, rear parking sensors and hands-free phone kits all of which can be installed by our fully-trained engineers at your home or work place

abouttow We can supply and fit Witter or Brink Towbars to most cars light commercial vehicles, available with single, twin electrics and 13 pin. All the Brackets we supply and fit meet the current European Type Approval 94/20 regulations. We also offer a full range of Brink or Witter fully detachable Towing Brackets available for most vehicles.
aboutpickup We supply and fit the full range of Parrot Bluetooth hands-free car phone kits. The most popular being the Parrot CK3100LCD. What is Bluetooth? Bluetooth is a wireless technology which uses the 2.4GHZ waveband. It enables electronic devices to communicate with each other as if they were connected with an ivisible wire. It allows real-time communications, audio and data communications. The installation of the hands-free phone kit will ensure that you comply with the legal obligations of using a mobile phone whilst driving… Eliminating the possibility of 3 penalty points and a £60 fine!
psensors1 Park Master – No bumps, no scrapes, no problem! Cobra Parking Sensors are mounted into the rear bumper of either cars or light commercial vehicles to offer protection to your rear bumper when reversing saving expensive repairs should you hit an object or another parked car. These can be colour-matched to suit your bumper and are very discreet when fitted.
alarms Cobra Thatcham approved car alarms. We can supply and fit the full range of Cobra Alarms either operating from their own remote fobs or vehicle remote fobs to offer high security protection to your van or car.